In Chile, the trees of the species Araucaria Chilean

Scientists in Chile are investigating the mysterious death of hundreds of trees, a landmark for the country – araucaria Chilean. Studies are conducted by experts from the biotechnology department of the University of Concepción.

They found out that the trees are dying of the disease. But this is not the main reason for the drying of araucaria from the top to the bottom. Influences also climate change, which weakens the immunity of conifers.

[Eugenio Sanfuentes, Researcher]:
“In general, spring and summer are very dry, in winter less snow falls, and in summer the temperature is higher. Probably, Araucaria have been exposed to such climatic pressure for several years. Local residents say that climate change has been occurring for the past five or six years. This coincides in time with the period when the Araucarians began to perish. ”

This is Nahuelbut National Park. In some of its areas, 80% of araucaria have signs of drying.

[Eugenio Sanfuentes, Researcher]:
“In the course of the investigation, we found a very serious problem: the dried tops are found in trees of any age, and leaves and twigs wither. Now this is a problem of a nationwide nature. ”

Araucaria are coniferous trees that grow in the forests of South America. They can reach 50 meters in height with a trunk diameter of up to two meters.

Reports of the death of Araucaria come also from neighboring Argentina.
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