Turkey tested a laser gun

The Turkish military tested a laser with a power of 20 kilowatts. For reference: the power of the school laser pointer is 1-5 milliwatts, that is ten million times less. During the tests, a laser beam from a distance of half a kilometer burned several types of armor – 22 mm shipboard armor, as well as three steel sheets 3 mm thick each.

The laser weapon is called the IŞIN Project, it was staffed by the Turkish Center for Research in Informatics and Information Security (Tübitak Bilgem), which is managed by the secretariat for defense industry of Turkey. Technical specifications and details of how the laser installation is arranged are not known; it is reported only that the weapon is designed to combat unmanned aerial vehicles and unmanned submarines of the enemy at a distance of up to 500 m, as well as to neutralize explosive devices and suspicious objects on the roads from a distance of 200 m.

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