In Switzerland, they created a digital copy of the chief economist

A good employee is worth its weight in gold. And, perhaps, many employers would like to “create” ideal employees. The administration of the Swiss bank UBS, which created the digital clone of its chief economist Daniel Kalt, decided to do something similar.

The digital copy works on the basis of artificial intelligence, designed in the framework of the UBS Companion project. It is aimed at helping leading financial professionals to do better business (but not replace people with their digital copies). As for the “clone”, the “digital Daniel” will be able to communicate with customers, providing them with all the necessary information. However, AI is not able to go beyond the previously outlined framework, and will only answer questions related to areas to which it will have access, granted by this Daniel. This is done so that the AI ​​does not accidentally disclose confidential and sensitive information.

To create the “digital clone”, 120 professional HD cameras were used, which fixed the movements of Daniel Calt for some time. In addition, the AI ​​analyzed not only the habits, but also how Daniel communicated with customers. According to the authors of the work, now the behavior of AI is difficult to distinguish from the original. Quite soon the “clone” of Mr. Kalt will be tested for strength: he will have to talk with a hundred clients of the bank in Zurich, but the authors of the work are very optimistic.

“In the future, we will be able to see a lot of UBS digital specialists in thousands of different conference rooms.”

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