In Russia they learned how to create electronic avatars of people

Digital counterparts can be used for virtual fitting of clothes, identification by figure and in surgery.

The company-resident of the Skolkovo Foundation, Texel, has created a technology for color 3D scanning of people, which has no analogues in the world.
The unique complex will make it possible to form a three-dimensional model of a person for various applications – from fitting the clothes to identification by figure.

Experts are sure that in the very near future most people will want to acquire such three-dimensional models of their body. In a company specializing in creating 3D models of people, the company noted that a person will only have to go through a body scan to get his exact electronic model.

This model can be used to try on clothes in online stores. In the future, artificial intelligence will suggest which clothes, style and color will best suit a person, depending on the type of figure. Virtual fitting rooms will lead to the fact that mass production of the same model will not be necessary, it will be replaced by individual tailoring of things for each individual.

The scanning device is a rotating frame of human height, equipped with sensors and software. Within 30 seconds the complex will be able to scan the body, and within a minute the system will process the data. And now, in less than 2 minutes, the electronic avatar will be ready.

However, experts are sure that soon it will be possible to refuse from the 3D-scanner, as you can get your 3D avatar using a smartphone.

In addition, three-dimensional models are useful in other areas. For example, in surgery, to make an ideal prosthesis for a man. In fitness, people will be able to create individual training to correct individual muscles.

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