Global warming can leave humanity without the Internet

Scientists from the University of Madison warn: humanity can be left without the Internet by 2033. The reason is the ubiquitous global warming and rising sea level.

The infrastructure of large cities, located near the coast, runs the risk of being flooded very soon. The authors analyzed the situation for the US and say, for example, about New York, Miami or Seattle, but the rise of water has no administrative boundaries and will affect all countries with access to the sea.
It was expected that we will have 50 years to prepare. We do not have 50 years.

A new study shows that the damage will be much more significant and the problems will start much earlier than expected. Only in the States more than 6,500 kilometers of fiber optic cables can be immersed in water after 15 years. “Most of the damage that will be done in the next 100 years will happen sooner than expected,” said Paul Barford, a professor of computer science at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. “This surprised us. It was expected that we will have 50 years to prepare. We do not have 50 years. ”

The problem is that the fiber optic cables, which were laid 20-25 years ago, are not completely waterproof. At that time, the inevitability of climate change was not so obvious, and measures to protect the infrastructure were not undertaken.

Now, according to forecasts of scientists, the inevitable rise in water is expected even in the most optimistic scenarios – and so far the development of events does not have optimism. None of the nearly 200 governments that signed the Paris Agreements fulfilled their promises. Even if all countries do their best to reduce the anthropogenic impact on the climate, it will hardly be possible to quickly stop the process or turn it back.

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