Dinosaurs lived with people in prehistoric times

Rock paintings found in caves indicate that dinosaurs lived with people in prehistoric times.

From Australia to Peru, ancient drawings on the walls of caves show people next to huge animals that are very similar to dinosaurs. for example the pattern found in the Amazon rainforest basin, shows a dinosaur surrounded by humans.

The drawings found in the mountains of El Toro, depict dinosaurs that stand stretching their necks to eat foliage on the upper branches of trees. It would seem that these facts are indisputable proof that dinosaurs did not die out long before the appearance of a reasonable man, but co-existed with him in the same time period.

A lot of images of dinosaurs are found in different parts of the world, not only drawings in caves, but also on ancient bas-reliefs for example on the walls of temples in China. And for example, bas-reliefs with dinosaurs in the Chinese province of Hongshan are estimated by scientists for at least 4000 years.

To make dinosaurs such a predominant part of art in many different cultures, people who saw dinosaurs should have been alive by the time these bas-reliefs were created to tell their descendants about the existence of dinosaurs.

In the 5th century before our era, Herodotus wrote about “winged serpents flying through the sky,” as described, these creatures are very similar to the pterodactyl.

He wrote: “In Arabia there is a place very close to the city of Butoh, where I went when I heard of some winged snakes; and when I arrived there, I saw the bones and thorns of snakes, in such quantities that it would be impossible to describe. The shape of the snake is similar to the shape of a snake; but it has wings without feathers and they look like the wings of a bat. ”

Strange business turns out. According to modern ideas about the history of mankind and our planet in general, everything developed gradually over millions of years, dinosaurs ruled the world when it still did not have people and died out at the time of the emergence of a reasonable man, and all these artifacts indicate that dinosaurs coexisted with humans.

In general, if we put together disparate inconsistencies in the official history, then it is possible to come to the conclusion that the entire history of the Earth does not amount to billions of years and the history of life on it is not millions, but on the strength of 5 thousand years …

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