China creates a superheavy rocket

China is working on the creation of a superheavy missile, which will be able to take 140 tons of cargo to low Earth orbit. The first launch of the Long March-9 missile (“Great March 9”), as planned, will take place until 2030.

The new Chinese missile will be able to take out almost twice as much cargo as Falcon Heavy from SpaceX, whose payload is 64 tons. Long March-9 in this respect is inferior to the NASA Space Launch System, which will produce 130 tons of cargo. This missile will be used in the 2020s.

Long March-9 will have a main stage with a diameter of 10 m. It will be equipped with four accelerators. The diameter of each of them is 5 m.

The missile is planned to be used as a means of delivering vehicles for manned flights to the Moon, as well as for the creation of space solar power stations.

Chinese engineers are also working on the creation of a reusable space rocket, which will be launched in 2021.

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