Three UFOs appeared in the skies of New York State

An eyewitness from the small town of Valley-Stream on the island of Long Island managed to shoot on video three unidentified flying objects that moved in the clouds. The place where these UFOs were observed is very close to the John F. Kennedy International Airport.
This incident occurred on June 11, 2018. The first UFO appeared from the cloud at one thirty in the afternoon. The shape of the object is spherical with a metallic surface shining in the sun. The object moved along a straight trajectory at high speed.
In less than a minute, a second object appeared. Its dimensions were more than that of the first UFO. During the flight, this object rotated. He appeared from the same cloud as the first object.
The third object was flying so fast that an eyewitness detected it only when watching a video on slow playback. It is interesting that the administration of the international airport reported that there were no flying objects in the area on the radars.

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