Strange sounds scared animals and people in Chile

Within minutes, the night sky over Chile was torn apart by eerie sounds resembling the sound of the Apocalypse pipes.
From a loud and eerie unearthly sound, all the animals in the district cried out, which began to bark loudly and howl, which greatly frightened people.
Many remembered the prophetic lines from the Bible: “And with a loud sound of the trumpet He will send His angels and they will gather the elect from everywhere, from one end of the heavens to the other”
Scientists have not yet found out what causes these unusual sounds that are heard around the globe in different countries of the world. There are only hypotheses involving the movement of tectonic plates, when one plate rubs against another creating a terrible screech, some processes in the earth’s atmosphere, when the movements of air masses create something like that.

Unofficial versions include the activities of aliens or a sign of the approaching Apocalypse, which was predicted in the Bible.

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