Scientists will create a language for communicating with aliens

The creation of the language was undertaken by the METI project participants, which was created to search for extraterrestrial life. And it will help them in this NASA.
The main purpose of the language is to convince the alien mind in the good intentions of the earthlings. After the end of the development, linguists want to send messages into space that aliens can read, understand or comprehend in some other way. None of the terrestrial languages ​​is suitable for this – to communicate with the aliens you need something completely different.
All terrestrial languages ​​have a similar structure. Will the language of aliens remind us at least a bit?
“Chomsky (the famous linguist, the author of the classification of formal languages.” – Ed.) Always said that if the Martians flew to Earth, it would seem to them that the Earthmen speak the dialects of the same language, “says Douglas Wakoh, the founder of the METI project, created to convey a message to extraterrestrial civilizations. “All terrestrial languages ​​have a similar structure. Will the language of aliens remind us at least a bit? I doubt”.
However, many scientists – and among them Chomsky himself – are sure that there is enough language for the contact with the “terrestrial” structure. They are sure that aliens learn the same way their languages, just like we do – memorizing constantly repeating words and adding them to increasingly complex sentences. Although this is true only if the brain of extraterrestrial beings is a bit like ours, says Gonzalo Monevar from Lawrence University of Technology. Moreover, they may not have a brain in the usual sense, and the principles of terrestrial communication will remain a mystery to them.
Despite all the disagreements, scientists are going to seriously take up the development of a common language for the entire universe. We need a universal means of communication – otherwise it is completely incomprehensible how to act if visitors from the depths of the cosmos want to communicate with us.

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