Mysterious beast attacked a man with a dog walking in the woods

The video posted on the network captures the moment from which the hair stands on end. And everything happened during the day in the sunlight.
On a small clearing at the edge of the forest, a man walks with his dog. The dog runs around the bushes and nothing bodes ill, when suddenly a huge black animal jumps out from under the ground.
I’ve watched this video many times and it’s absolutely fantastic. When this black beast jumps up and rushes to the dog it looks like a very large wolf, then for a second its silhouette looks like a big black boar.
The dog rushes to run, and an unusual beast swiftly runs after it, then when the dog turns sharply and runs towards the owner, who sees what is happening only and can loudly shout “Hey! Hey! Hey!” trying to frighten the pursuer, it’s something for a second turns into a black horse …

Then this “horse” turns again into a huge black wolf, he runs away from the dog, she rushes after him, he turns around and rushes behind the dog, catches up with her and only her pitiful howls are heard when his teeth close on it.
What happened next is not known, the dog owner after the strange animal grabbed her lowered the camera and rushed to run. Whether he remained alive there is no information, there are rumors that these footage was found on a video camera found in the forest.
Mysticism, and the real thing. If the video is genuine then it is imprinted none other than a mythical werewolf – a person with the ability to turn into a beast. It is true that a werewolf can turn from a man into a wolf, here we see a whole series of transformations from a possible person lying in the grass into a wolf, a wild boar, a stallion and again a wolf.
By the way, trying to find information on this video, I found a mention in the Western media that for the first time this video appeared on the network in 2015 and in 2018 it was re-published. Is it real shooting or video editing? If the video editing is very good, and if all this happened in reality this is proof of the existence of werewolves …

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