In Sweden, a large UFO pumped water out of the lake

On the way home, two local residents noticed a bright light above the lake Mälaren in Strengna, Sweden. Strange event occurred on June 10, 2018.
A guy and a girl often visited this lake, but nothing like it was seen there before and that’s why they immediately noticed a large luminous object that hung at a low altitude.
Interestingly, a thin luminous ray drops down from this UFO, casting a circle of light onto the water surface. According to eyewitnesses it was similar to the fact that this UFO pumped water out of the lake.
At the same time they did not hear any sounds, the object did not make any sounds at all. Karina Lindqvist, who was at the moment at the lake with her friend, says that they are sure that this unusual object was of extraterrestrial origin.
“I and my friend are sure that this is a UFO and it somehow pumped water from our lake,” – says the girl.

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