Anomalous phenomenon in the sky over Germany

In the sky over the German city of Gelsenkirchen, a very strange and even frightening event happened a few days ago.

On the night of June 22, 2018, a brightly shining object of red-orange appeared on the horizon, which not only glowed with equal light, but pulsed at regular intervals, illuminating the entire sky around itself during the maximum of flares.

One of the residents of the city captured the scene and he says that when he shot this video, he felt very strong fear. And there is from what. Nothing like this, not only he, but in general few people have seen in the whole world.

The spectacle can be said Apocalyptic … According to an eyewitness in the area where these mysterious lights were blazing in the sky, there are generally no structures, plants or other objects that hypothetically could project a searchlight or light of lasers into the sky. There’s nothing that can reproduce something like that.

The eyewitness is sure that in the sky hung a huge glowing UFO of disk-like shape and it was he who radiated these powerful flashes of light. Video record of his opinion confirms. What was it at all? UFO crashed, some system malfunctioning or it deliberately manifested itself and sent us – earthmen, some signals?

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