In the United States over the city of Monroe noticed a rectangular UFO

The appearance of a blue whale in the Red Sea puzzled ecologists

In Myanmar, due to heavy rains killed 5 people

Details of the pursuit of American fighters for UFOs are disclosed

Physicists for the first time divided water into two different fluids

In one of the most extensive sandy deserts there were lakes

Firearms for the protection of graves

On the southern African province of Mpumalanga devastating hail

Over Kazakhstan, a perfect cloud ring has flown by

Climate change has begun to affect investment

Scientists have found out what makes a web so strong

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Airline passengers watched UFO in the sky over France

In the sky over Canada, flew two UFOs

The landslide nearly destroyed the dam in the USA

Paris flooded after heavy rain

Flood in the north of Iran: there are victims

In the DNA of men found traces of the ancient “war of clans”

The first civilization on the territory of China appeared 5800 years ago

Scientists have found traces of advanced technology in ancient Europe

Hurricane “Maria” killed 4645 people, not 64, as the US authorities say

Passenger train derailed in Canada

Under the ice of Antarctica, huge valleys

Buffalo attacked the young lion and threw it into the air

To combat global warming, the Chinese were asked to abandon dumplings

With what speed did the largest bony fish swim in history

Mankind is not ready for the coming genetic revolution

One of the most massive neutron stars is discovered

Strike of workers against robots

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