A new kind of quiet was found in a parking lot in Japan

Infrequently the microscopic organism receives the status of a celebrity, but this is what the slow-moving dogs managed to achieve. Crumbs, also called “water bears” because of the heavier body shape, have gained popularity due to undeniable charm and incredible stamina. Tihodoks live on Earth for 530 million years. A new kind of creatures was discovered in a rather unexpected place: in the car park.
A scientist from the University of Cayo in Tokyo found the canons destroying the canon in a piece of moss in the city parking lot. Having thoroughly studied the animal under a microscope and taking a sample of its DNA, the researcher realized that the sample found was the first of its kind.
A new type of slow-moving boat called Macrobiotus shonaicus is only slightly different from other known species, but its underdeveloped legs make it easily recognizable under a powerful microscope. The species also has a unique shape of the egg with protuberances, which, according to the researchers, help them attach to the surface.
In general, slow-moving – an incredible group of animals. Different species have demonstrated the ability to live in extremely harsh conditions. They are able to go into a dormant state and come to life after a few years and even decades. The researchers brought them to the limit of possibilities and each time marveled at their ability to endure extreme temperatures and even space travel.
There are more than 1000 different types of tidbits, so the discovery of a new member of the family is not shocking. However, it is surprising that a previously never documented animal can hide right under the nose of people.

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