What our appearance can tell

What our appearance can tell
After a few seconds, having met someone on a date or just seeing someone in the grocery store, we somehow can immediately decide for ourselves how smart a person is, whether it’s worth to be afraid of, etc.
Surprisingly, in some cases, our first impressions can be absolutely accurate. In other cases, we can be very mistaken.
This is what our judgments are based on.
If you are attractive, people will think that you have other positive features.
Thanks to the phenomenon that social psychologists call the “halo effect”, we tend to believe that beautiful people have other positive qualities, in addition to their appearance, for example, a high level of intelligence and efficiency.
Beautiful people and earn more, this conclusion was the psychologist at the University of Texas, Daniel Hamermesh.
In one study, undergraduate students were asked to evaluate an essay written by an unknown girl. Participants evaluated the author’s work more favorably when they were shown a photograph of an attractive girl who was given out for an author and less flattered about work when they were shown a photo of an unattractive girl or did not show any photograph at all.
Your photo can tell a lot about people.
In a 2009 study, scientists showed photographers 123 students from the University of Texas at Austin. At one point, students could pose with any expression on their faces, while others looked impartial.
Regardless of whether the students posed in the photo or not, this did not confuse the participants, and they basically correctly assessed how open, confident, religious, compassionate and conscientious.
On your face, people can understand how aggressive you are.
A 2013 study showed that men with a higher testosterone level have wider faces and larger cheekbones.
Men with these facial features are also more aggressive and ambitious.
You can also judge by your face how strong you are.
In a study of 2015, scientists showed photographers 10 different people with five different facial expressions, and then asked them to assess how friendly, trustworthy or strong they seem to these people in the photo.
Not surprisingly, the participants found people with a happy face more friendly and trustworthy, unlike those who had spiteful faces. In addition, people with broader faces were perceived as strong.
If your species does not inspire confidence, you can identify as criminals.
Researchers from Israel and the United Kingdom asked participants to consider photos of men and women that were randomly selected from two databases. Participants were asked to assess the emotional state, character traits and people’s penchant for the offense.
The first set of photographs was obtained from the police database; the second – contained photographs of actors who were asked to look happy, impartial or angry.
Not knowing who is who in fact, the participants in the experiment counted those who looked more powerful and wicked as criminals.
You can tell by eyes whether you have health problems.
Doctors can diagnose numerous ailments, just looking into the eyes of the patient. Red spots on the retina can be a sign of diabetes.
When the blood sugar level becomes too high, it can block the blood vessels of the retina, causing them to swell and burst.
The length of the fingers in men can be judged if the risk of getting cancer is high.
Scientists have found that men who have an index finger that is significantly longer than an anonymous finger, are less likely to develop prostate cancer.
Growth can also reveal the risk of certain diseases.
Studies show that high-risk people have a lower risk of cardiovascular disease, and in low-oncological diseases.
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