The Chinese developed an exoskeleton for the military

The Chinese developed an exoskeleton for the military
The state-owned Chinese corporation Norinco produces not only military equipment and ammunition. Recently, its engineers have completed work on a prototype of an exoskeleton of a new generation, which will allow the owner without much effort to carry loads weighing up to 45 kilograms.
The previous version was created three years ago, but it had significant problems with hydraulics and batteries. The new prototype is devoid of such drawbacks, and its design has become much easier and more convenient for the user. Modified hydraulic and pneumatic drives and light skeleton of exoskeleton allow to easily use it in any terrain. At the same time, the person dressed in it will apply five times less effort to transport cargo.
Reducing the weight of the design has made it possible to consume batteries more efficiently. Now the exoskeleton works much longer and better, but due to the fact that the development was done by order of the military, accurate data are not reported. But it is known that the new exoskeleton is much better than the previous one, which allowed it to pass up to 10 kilometers at an average speed of 4 kilometers per hour.
Exoskeletons can be used for peaceful purposes, by adapting them to help people with disabilities or equipping them with warehouses or assembly shops, providing for the loaders and assemblers more comfortable working conditions.
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