The appearance of strange sound strikes has increased in the sky over the USA

The appearance of strange sound strikes has increased in the sky over the USA
Unexplained strange sounds, thundering, resembling echoes of powerful explosions are fixed in different places in the sky over the USA, Thailand.
Colorado: January 18th. Residents of the district of North Mart, Colorado, were frightened by loud sounds similar to an explosion coming from somewhere from the sky.

Arkansas: January 20, 2018. The residents massively rang to the rescue service reporting on loud explosions in the sky from which the buildings were shaking for miles around.
Pennsylvania: January 21, 2018. The police are investigating an “extremely loud explosion,” which shook homes and naggual residents. The sound came from the sky.
February 8, 2018. In the area of ​​Na-Danu in the sky, there were the sounds of two powerful explosions from which they were shaking at home, cracks appeared in the walls and the windows in the buildings broke.
Putnam and the northern districts of Westchester: February 8, 2018. Many residents of Putnam and the northern counties of Westchester awoke from a loud sonic blow, from this sound the buildings were shaking, dishes fell.
Wheat Ridge: February 8, 2018 – again a mysterious explosion.
Many people post on social networks about the loud strange sounds that have been heard in the city bordering Wadsworth to the east to Sheridan.

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