The aftermath of a powerful earthquake in Taiwan

The aftermath of a powerful earthquake in Taiwan
The death toll in the city of Hualien in an earthquake of magnitude 6.4, which occurred on Tuesday off the east coast of Taiwan, increased to seven people, 250 injured. At present, the fate of another 88 people is unknown.

Four buildings collapsed in the city, including two hotels. Rescuers continue to search for missing persons. Dozens of residents and many pets were saved.
Hualien is one of the most popular tourist centers in Taiwan, as it is located in a picturesque area on the east coast and near the popular Taroko gorge.
According to the authorities, after the earthquake, 17 foreigners applied for medical help with minor injuries. In all, 214 people were injured. About 830 people were placed in shelters. In the affected area 1,9 thousand houses were de-energized.

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