Over Yekaterinburg in Russia flew an unknown glowing object

Over Yekaterinburg in Russia flew an unknown glowing object
The car flying in the sky above Yekaterinburg was most likely the remains of a spacecraft, Vladilen Sanakoev, the engineer of the UrFU training observatory, said.
Earlier in the social networks there were reports that a luminous body flew over the city of Yekaterinburg. “Who saw a UFO over Yekaterinburg an hour and a half ago?” What was that, a meteorite? ” – wrote a local resident Tatiana.
“At least one video recording is now published.” Several people saw the flight in Yekaterinburg, including I saw a piece of flight. “In Novouralsk, too, people saw that object flying overhead, so you can roughly guess which trajectory it had Somewhere rather high he flew, about 40-50 kilometers from the earth, My suggestion was that the body could fly at a speed near the first cosmic one, apparently this body is ours, man-made: some remainder of the spacecraft or some old the first spacecraft entered the atmosphere and burned, “Sanakoev said.
According to him, the flight was marked around 19.55 local time on Tuesday (17.55 Moscow time). It lasted about 10 seconds and flew from south to north. Specialist noted that 10 seconds – “this is a fairly long time, the cars usually burn faster, because they fly more vertically.”
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