Mysterious fire displaces rural family

Mysterious fire displaces rural family
No injuires, but the third and final fire that ignited within 24 hours in the Haag family home is under investigation...
The State Fire Marshal’s Office is assisting with an investigation into a house fire that displaced a family of 11 the afternoon of Friday, Feb. 9.

Pat and Jodi Haag and nine of their children, ages 6 to 21, are staying at a hotel in Pipestone until they can move back into their home near Trosky. Jodi said Monday morning that she and Pat were going to be meeting with their insurance providers later in the day and that a cleaning crew would be visiting the home to determine what needs to be done before the family can move back in.
Jodi said the fire that forced them from their home was the third mysterious fire in the house in a span of 24 hours. They caught the first two — one in a drawer in a dining area and one in a mud room — and extinguished them before they spread. Jodi said no one was near the areas when the fires started and there were no electrical outlets nearby. She said they have no idea what caused the fires.
“It’s very strange,” Jodi said.
The fire on Friday afternoon originated near a closet and laundry area in the master bedroom. Jodi said the washer and dryer were not in use at the time. When the smoke alarm went off, one of their children grabbed a fire extinguisher and Jodi grabbed a bucket of water, but the fire was out of control by the time they got to it. They closed the door to the room to contain the fire until firefighters could get to it.
Edgerton Fire Chief Huck Tinklenberg said there was significant smoke and flames in the area where the fire originated when firefighters arrived. Firefighters from Edgerton and Pipestone were on the scene for a couple hours extinguishing the fire and making sure it was completely out.
Tinklenberg said he didn’t want to speculate as to the cause of the fire.
Jodi and Pat lost all of their clothing, which was in the closet where the fire began. Jodi said there was significant smoke damage to the home and other damage from the fire, water and efforts to extinguish the fire that were confined to the area in which the fire was located.
Eventually, Pat and Jodi will need to replace their clothing, but Jodi said their primary needs are met for now. She said people have brought them meals and offered them rooms, but they’re waiting to find out when they’ll be able to move back into their home before they make any longer-term arrangements.
Jodi said the family is thankful that no one was harmed, that they located their cats that were missing after the fire, and for everyone who has reached out to them and been praying for them. She said she feels a sense of calm that she credits to those prayers.
“I don’t even feel that shook up about it,” she said.
The Edgerton Fire Department was the primary response unit and the Pipestone Fire Department was called in for mutual aid. The Edgerton Ambulance and Pipestone County Sheriff’s Office also responded to the scene.

By Kyle Kuphal, Pipestone Star
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