In Japan, launched the smallest launch vehicle

In Japan, launched the smallest launch vehicle
The Japanese aerospace agency JAXA carried out the first successful launch of the smallest carrier rocket in the world – SS-520-5. A rocket with a 35-centimeter TRICOM-1R microsatellite was launched from the Utynourau cosmodrome in south-west Japan.
C-520-5 is based on the SS-520 meteorological rocket. She received an additional third step. Earlier in January 2017, JAXA had already launched the SS-520. Then the launch was unsuccessful. Then, because of the closure of the wiring, the second stage failed.
According to representatives of JAXA, the last launch of SS-520 was recognized as successful. Conclusion TRICOM-1R weighing 140 kg occurred on a regular basis, the satellite is functioning.
The length of the rocket was 10 meters, diameter – 50 cm. The mass of SS-520-5 is about 2.6 tons. Of these, 2 tons accounted for solid fuel.

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