In Antarctica, is hidden giant andron collider, causing cataclysms all over the world

Since its official opening, Antarctica is a mysterious continent, access to which is closed to ordinary people.
At best, we are allowed to fly to Antarctica for an “excursion” and walk 10 minutes on the site 100 x 100 meters under the watchful eyes of the guides.

However, people from the government and special services travel to Antarctica regularly, as if there are warm islands on which they are resting, or there is the main world office where they fly to report.
Nevertheless, even information from open sources is enough to understand: in Antarctica there is a huge secret.
There, deep under the ice, something happens that he is hiding us.

Who built these huge pyramids? What for? What did the military do there after their discovery?
Why did the Nazis constantly visit Antarctica, far ahead of the development of technology in their time?
The first computer in the world was created by the Nazis:
 The world’s first jet aircraft was created by the Nazis:
 The first rocket in the world was built by the Nazis:
 And this is only a small part of the inventions of the Nazis. Were they smarter than American engineers?
Probably, the Germans really could surpass us in some areas. For example, in tank building, in anti-tank weapons, they were the best.
But why did the Germans, and not the Americans, create the first guided missile? Why did the Germans, not the Americans, create the first Stinger?
 However, the most surprising thing is that the Nazis created the world’s first microwave oven:
Why is the last fact mentioned last, as the most important? More important than the development of Nazi nuclear weapons?
Many people probably know the channel of Mr. DAHBOO77, who first drew attention to the strange radiation from time to time coming from Antarctica:

DAHBOO77 made dozens of such videos, as it drew attention to the connection of MIMIC anomalies and natural disasters occurring around the world.As if in Antarctica, somewhere under the complex of pyramids is a giant microwave oven that sends waves that create earthquakes around the world.Is a German microwave oven for housewives a by-product of technology found by the Nazis in Antarctica?
Of course, the US military will never tell us about it. However, fortunately, in the world accidentally (or no accidentally) appeared an amazing fitness application Strava, which tracks the movement of users through GPS (Global Positioning Systems).
As a result, when users from the military walk with their mobile devices along the corridors of secret military underground facilities, anyone who downloaded the “The Strava fitness app” application can see a detailed outline of the military facility.
Having got into their hands such a powerful software tool, many users decided to take a first look: what happens under the ice of Antarctica?
And there really is something strange going on:

Thus in Antarctica, near the complex of ancient, ice-covered pyramids, there is an underground ring structure resembling the shape of the letter “C”. And if you trace the source of the anomaly MIMIC, then it is located just in the area of this complex.
What could it be a gigantic ring-shaped structure? The only object that recalls it is a huge particle accelerator similar to the Large CERN andron collider.
The only difference between the collider in CERN and the device in Antarctica is that the underground ring in Antarctica is larger. Much, much more. The capacities and capabilities of these devices are not comparable!
Observed MIMIC anomalies are not the only evidence that the source of strange radiation under the pyramids in Antarctica is working.
The author of the blog The Daily Rabbit Hole, also drew attention to a strange underground structure in Antarctica and tried to explore this place using satellite services Google.
It turns out that around the device Google is blocking data!
Comparing the dimensions of the collider in CERN and the size of the device in Antarctica it seems impossible that the device in Antarctica was built by Americans or someone else. Underground, with a frost -130.0000 ℉, on a remote continent, where there are no railways, it is much more difficult to build than in warm Europe. If a copy of the CERN collider had been built in Antarctica for some scientific or military purposes, it would have been much smaller.
Hence it can be concluded that the collider in Antarctica was built long ago and it was built not by Americans.
But who built this Antarctic collider? Was it created by the Nazis to cause earthquakes and destroy the continents? Or was it created by some ancient race and the Nazis only tried to copy the artifacts they found in Antarctica?
Even more frightening is the answer to the question: why does the collider in Antarctica work? Why are there people with mobile devices? Why does radiation from this region constantly go?
These waves began to go at a time when earthquakes and weather anomalies around the world increased. Is it possible that with the help of this terrible device someone is going to destroy the planet?
Source: beforeitsnews
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