Augmented reality will decorate the walls with virtual paintings

Augmented reality will decorate the walls with virtual paintings
Today, along with virtual reality, reality is supplemented with increasing popularity. And this technology looks quite promising, especially for large companies that can integrate their products into the surrounding space with the help of augmented reality. As the publication TechCrunch, one of the new applications in this area will help decorate your walls with virtual works of art. Well, then it will give an opportunity and purchase the samples you like.
For the creation of the application is a large American online store, earning on the sale of wall posters and paintings for two decades. He would continue his activities and did not get on the pages of Internet publications, if Kira Vampler (former head of marketing for taxi-applications Lyft) had not transferred to the post of general director. It was her initiative to introduce the ArtView function into the mobile application, which allows you to “hang” a virtual picture or a poster on the wall. In this case, the user can choose from 2 million variants of posters and paintings, and any future purchase can be scaled to the size of the surrounding space. As the director of the company herself states,
“Augmented reality can be used not only in video games. With our application, we can solve the real problem of customers and give them what they really lack. Our company strives to meet the latest design trends. In the application, the user can study the recommendations, see how several pictures look together, and then immediately buy them. We believe that such an approach will positively affect sales. “
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