An implant was created to stimulate the brain

An implant was created to stimulate the brain
American scientists have developed an implant to stimulate the ability of the brain to remember information, the first development tests have shown its effectiveness, and the researchers hope that this device can later be used to treat dementia and other head injuries.
The results of the study, sponsored by 22 scientists from various American universities, were published in the scientific journal Nature Communications. In testing the device, 15 people with epilepsy took part.
The device works as an electrostimulator and sends electrical impulses to the brain when it needs help in memorizing new information. When the brain works well, the device is in sleep mode.
“We applied point stimulation to the temporal lobe (the proportion of the cortex that perceives and processes the sound information – ed.) And found that such stimulation fills the gaps in the memorization process,” the study says.
Testing showed that the device increases the ability to delay recall (word recall test) by 15%, which roughly corresponds to the amount of information lost for two and a half years in Alzheimer’s disease.
“Our results suggest that such systems can underlie the therapeutic approach to the treatment of memory impairment,” the article concludes.
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