Why does a female black widow eat a male?

Why does a female black widow eat a male?
The Deep Look channel has produced a video offering an alternative view of the behavior of spiders, a black widow whose females are known for their cannibalistic inclinations.
A spider’s body Latrodectus mactans (black widow) spends his entire life, patching and finishing the same web. It feeds, like other spiders, with insects caught in the net. Males attracted by pheromones, which impregnated the entire web of females, find their chosen one and try to make sure that other spiders do not smell her scent. To do this, they begin to destroy everything built by the hard work of the spider: snacking the web, tangling it and covering it with its own thin threads that mask the smell of the female.

All this takes a lot of time and energy from the male; He has no time to organize his own networks. Therefore, he does not live long. Its main goal is to fertilize the female; when he succeeds, his resources, as a rule, are already running out. After mating (and even in the process), the male appears in the jaws of the female; she digests it and thereby provides nutrition to future offspring.
A bully, a boor and a slob, a black widow’s male, perhaps deserves his fate, somewhat unscientiously concludes a voiceover (which is characteristic, female).

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