Who became a zombie in Russian legends?

Who became a zombie in Russian legends?
Zombies are one of the few creatures mentioned in the myths and legends of the most diverse nations. The living dead have not ignored the Russian folklore. Many of the fairy-tale characters, familiar to us from childhood, are in reality rebels from the graves.

Navi is one of the types of so-called dead dead people, that is, people who have ended their lives “wrong”, and therefore can not get into the other world. Navians became suicides and unbaptized children. To their army could join the long-livers, because in ancient times it was believed that the old people who live too long, eat the energy of young relatives.
Navi appeared on the streets mostly in the dark and killed everyone who came across them on the way. However, sometimes they left their graves by day, becoming invisible to the human eye.
In order to get rid of the annoying and dangerous flock, you should splash holy water on it. In this case, the essence turned into an angel and became a kind of protector of the one who “baptized” it.
Kikimora is a character of folk tales predominantly female. Our ancestors represented Kikimora as an old woman of short stature with bulging eyes and covered with wool. Sometimes instead of legs at Kikimora there were chicken legs. Also, Kikimora could appear to people in the form of a little girl. The main feature of Kikimora was a very fast gait.
Kikimors settled in houses where people lived. However, sometimes these creatures also met in empty buildings and marshes. Hence – Kikimora swamp.
The main occupation of Kikikmor was hooliganism and wrecking. The kikimors mixed up the yarn, prevented sleep, made a mess, plucked the feathers of the hens. Kikimors swamp frightened random travelers.
More often kikimors were newborns born in the dead, infants who died unbaptized, or children strangled by their own parents. Through pranks small zombies avenged adults in their short life.
Ghoul is an analog of the famous fairy-tale character – a vampire. However, unlike a vampire who has sharp fangs only, all of the teeth have absolutely all teeth. It is thanks to this anatomical feature that ghouls not only drink blood but also eat flesh.
Ghouls leave their graves only at night. They make their way into the human dwellings and, having enough to eat, return to the cemetery before dawn. According to Slavic mythology, after death ghouls became wizards, heretics and maniacs.
Mermaids usually turned young girls who died before marriage, as well as unbaptized children, drowned women and women who committed suicide.
According to the beliefs, the mermaids have a fish tail instead of legs, pale skin and long loose hair, which, in the opinion of our ancestors, were the first sign of shamelessness and the fall. However, the mermaids were proud of their hair and sometimes, comfortably settled on the shore, combed them with crests.
According to the legends, the meeting with the mermaid did not bode well. These deceased could tickle to death or simply drown anyone who fell into displeasure with them.
Similar lessons mermaids will have fun until the end of the world, when they again turn around people.
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