Which volcanoes are most dangerous in 2018

Which volcanoes are most dangerous in 2018
The year 2017 was rich in volcanic eruptions: in addition to those that had not died out for years, they woke up and remained silent for many years. In 2018, new names will be added to the old names.
One of the largest eruptions of the outgoing year was demonstrated by Agung on the Indonesian island of Bali. Moreover, over the millennia of its existence, the 3142-meter volcano erupted only 4 times. On the contrary, the Hawaiian Kilauea, awakened in 1983, does not cease its activity to the present day.

Volcanologists do not doubt that its record long eruption will not end in 2018. In addition, other volcanoes remind themselves of themselves.
Simmoe, Japan
One of the 20 cones of the Kirishima-Yam volcano in the Japanese prefecture of Miyazaki, 1421-meter Simmoe (新 燃 岳) woke up in the fall of 2017 after a 6-year sleep. The level of danger remains elevated and now, which means continued activity in the next year.
Merapi, Indonesia
The Merapi volcano (located on the island of Java) is the most active in Indonesia. Its name translates as “mountain of fire”. In 1930, during its eruption, about 1,300 people died, in 2010 more than 350,000 residents of the nearest settlements were evacuated, but 35 lives the volcano still took. Merapi has not given any clear signs of the beginning of volcanic activity, but experts do not exclude his early awakening.
Arayajökulll, Iceland
On the contrary, the Icelandic Herivayokudl (Öræfajökull) has erupted in its entirety only two times: in 1362 and 1727-1728, In both cases, the consequence was catastrophic floods, as volcanic activity freed water from the subglacial lakes. The third awakening was recorded in August 2017, and in November the beginning of the melting of ice near the crater was noted. The aviation hazard code was raised from the “green” (the volcano is in the normal state) to “yellow (signs of increased activity).
Villarrica, Chile
Included in the number of the most active volcanoes of South America, Villarrica (Villarrica) over the past four centuries erupted several dozen times. The maximum break of its calm does not exceed 30 years. The new phase of activity, recorded in 2015, continues to this day. More recently, the volcano threw smoke columns and fountains of lava at a height of 150 meters.
In addition, the list of volcanoes that continue their eruptions in 2018 – the Mexican Popocatepetl. Only three days in November, more than 200 cases of steam vapor and three volcanic emissions were recorded.

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