Was Bitcoin created by aliens?

Was Bitcoin created by aliens?
Bitcoin comes from outer space, send to us by an alien civilization. I know, that a bold statement to make, but lets investigate that statement together and see whether it could be true or not. I’m not going to explain what bitcoin is, how it works or what it does. I think most of you already are familiar with the main cryptocurrency ruling the cryptocurrency scene today. But I will repeat the fact that we don’t know who created bitcoin. Bitcoin just happened and it took of from there. I’m not going to say it’s a good thing or a bad thing, I’m just going to explain why it could come from outer space. Back in 2009 from out of nowhere, Bitcoin took the world by storm. Back then, people were buying pizza’s for 10.000 bitcoins and now 9 years later, people buy Tesla cars with it. Nobody knows who created Bitcoin and nobody will. Bitcoin just happened and the financial world does not know how to handle it.
Financial institutions seem to struggle with the question: “should we embrace it or should we destroy it’. So why do I think Bitcoin could have come from outer space? Let’s start at the beginning? There are 2 aspects of bitcoin that point towards an extraterrestrial origin: First:” It’s 100% computer code” and second: “It’s taking over the world”. I know that sounds rather blurry but’s let’s start with these 2 statements. Let’s start with the second aspect. Bitcoin is taking over the world by storm. The price of a Bitcoin is increasing every quarter. People see value in a cryptocurrency that cannot be tempered with or can be recreated. Only 21 million bitcoin can be mind, ever! That creates a scarcity and people hate to miss out on an opportunity to make money. The value of Bitcoin is determined by the blockchain technology that offers some very useful purposes for the world to benefit from. The blockchain technology will certainly have an impact in the way data is handled in the upcoming 10 years until quantum computers will take over. But beside the blockchain technology, bitcoin shows a lot of similarities to gold which has very few real economic or scientific value. Like gold, people like to invest in bitcoin to store value. That did not stop bitcoin to take the financial world by storm. It’s current market cap (including all other cryptocurrencies) is 700 billion plus dollar. Compared to combined GDP of the world in 2015, which was 74 trillion dollar, that’s only a small percentage of the world economy, but It’s large enough for major financial institutions to worry about their future. Major banks are now investigating how they could use the blockchain infrastructure to store contractual data. Currently there are a lot of company creating bitcoin derivatives to create extra value out of thin air, like cryptokitties. It seems that every other day, people find new ways to attribute value to the bitcoin phenomenon. If you look at the job market, there’s a lot of demand for people that know how the blockchain technology works. Bitcoin was the second largest search term in google in 2017. I’m not judging any of these evolutions, I’m just showing the facts that Bitcoin is taking the world by storm and 2018 could be the year Bitcoin rises to a new level of power. I know, everybody is waiting for the proof why bitcoin could be created by an extraterrestrial intelligence. Just have some patience. If we go back a step and look at the second aspect why bitcoin could be from outer space: it’s 100% computer code. That might seem to be irrelevant, but consider this, some people say that the UFO phenomenon started when the world witnessed the power of the atom in 1944. Some theorists say that that’s the first time extraterrestrial intelligences observed the activities of mankind on earth and they started to observe what we humans were capable of. My theory is that an extraterrestrial intelligence started to observe earth when they invented the computer in 1943. Think about it. The invention of the computer ushered in a complete new paradigm to the world’s economic and mental development. The discovery of the digital binary language enabled humanity to create a vast infrastructure of machinery that changed every aspect of our everyday life. Computers have made our everyday lives so much easier. It actually very easy to explain how dependent we have become of computers these days. Just imagine all computers would stop working right now. That would mean game over for most of us. These days, most of our everyday lives is run by computers, our food supply, our energy supply, our information network, our mobility, everything would stop at an instance…. It would impossible to contain our current life style without the help of computers. Currently the world has 7.6 billion humans expecting food and information being delivered at their doorsteps every day. Whiteout computers, that would stop, at an instance… That’s quite some power computers have over humanity…
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