TR-3B Anti Gravity Spacecraft Fleet againts Ufo in South America

TR-3B Anti Gravity Spacecraft Fleet againts Ufo in South AmericaThis is everything you ever expected not to see when talking about the TR3B! A fleet of Tr_3b filmed in South America, Brazil coupled with other alien ship.The TR-3B, a triangular anti-gravity flying platform, powered by nuclear power, appears to be the new aerospace technology craft designed and created by the (CMITF) Military and Industrial Technology Complex in the US aerospace, this aircraft until recently Top Secret was developed and created by the Aurora Program in conjunction with the SDI (Strategic Defense Initiative) and sponsored with a black budget.
The following document is the translation of the description of this artifact that Edgar Rothschild Fouche saw in Nevada in 1998.
Mr. Fouche has worked on Government Programs in the Defense Industry for the past 30 years, including Area 51, the Air Force base of Groom Lake and Nellis for several years, also on top secret projects.
Fouche describes the TR-3B propulsion system as follows: "It is a circular, plasma-filled accelerator ring called Magnetic Field Disrupter, (MFD or Magnetic Field Switch) that surrounds the crew's revolving cockpit, is far beyond any technology imaginable ... The plasma, based on mercury, is pressurized to 250,000 atmospheres at a temperature of 150 degrees Kelvin, and accelerated to 50,000 RPM to generate a superconducting plasma with the result of the interruption of the force of gravity.
The MFD generates a magnetic field vortex, which interrupts or neutralizes the effects of gravity on any mass that is in the vicinity, in a percentage of 89%. This means that the "G" force is reduced by 89%. The MFD that owns the TR-3B causes that the vehicle is extremely light and can carry out maneuvers that no other airplane could ... My sources say that the possibilities are only limited by the physical resistance of the human pilots. Which is a lot really, considering the reduction of 89% of the mass, the G forces are also reduced by 89%. The crew of the TR-3B could comfortably support up to 40G ... reduced by 89% the occupants would only feel 4.2Gs.

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