The World Will End On June 24th 2018, According To The Bible

The World Will End On June 24th 2018, According To The Bible
According to the Bible, there is no need to make plans for summer holidays this year, unless you go before June, as the world is going to come to an end on June 24. Of course, there have been many doomsday predictions in the past that have not come true, but then they have not been linked to the Bible.

According To The Bible, The World Will Come To An End June 24, 2018

It seems that someone read the Bible very closely and that this time the world is coming to an end without any doubt. Mathieu Jean-Marc Joseph Rodrigue has pointed out a passage from the Bible, the Book of Revelations, as being a sign that the world is coming to an end in 2018. In the passage, it states that “he was given authority to act for 42 months”. Rodrigue believes that if the passage is added on to the price and crop harvest, it reveals a truth that is shocking. Rodrigue wrote that he had heard a voice in the middle of four beings and it was wisdom. He went on to say that anyone with intelligence can interpret the figure of the beast and it represents 666.

Rodrigue Did Not Say How The World Would End

He went on to say that when added together the sum indicates that the world as we know it is going to come to an end on June 24, 2018. Rodrigue has not given any inclination as to how the world is coming to an end.

Conspiracy theorists had talked about the world coming to an end in November when it was said that the planet Nibiru would destroy Earth. The day this would happen coincided with a Sunday, a Holy day or rest. Before that, it had been said that the world would end on September 23 and a Christian numerologist said that doomsday would happen in October.
About the world ending due to the planet Nibiru, NASA scientists spoke up and said that the world could not come to an end due to Nibiru as the planet did not even exist. Scientists said that even if the planet existed the gravitational forces would have rid Earth of its Moon already.
Now it looks like the pundits are putting their money on the apocalypse happening in June this year. Of course, if the world does come to an end on June 24 there will be no one left alive to report the fact that Rodrigue was correct.
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