The earth is protected from meteors

The earth is protected from meteors
Meteors explode from within as soon as they are submerged in the upper atmosphere of the Earth.
This is reported by scientists from Purdue University (USA).
Using the now popular method of computer modeling, the authors of the new research work show that gases in the Earth’s atmosphere are capable of permeating the interior of porous meteors, because when they rush towards the planet, they create high-pressure air pockets. These pockets eventually lead to explosions of cosmic rocks. In this case, meteors are torn into small pieces.
Researchers, in particular the author of the study, geophysicist Jay Melosh, suggest that a phenomenon such as an internal explosion of meteors can contribute to the preservation of life on Earth, since the more meteors explode, the less they will fly to the surface of the Earth. And the fall of meteors to Earth is often accompanied by significant damage and can endanger people’s lives.
“As part of our study, we realized that the Earth’s atmosphere is the best protection against the effects of meteors,” Melosh said during the American Geophysical Union, which was held in 2017 in New Orleans.

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