The dog and crocodile were hit by a video

The dog and crocodile were hit by a video
In the web there was a video on which the dog ventured to engage in a fight with a 3.5-meter crocodile. The personnel of the fight was published on YouTube by the user ViralHog.
As the author of the video explains, the incident occurred on December 23, 2017 on the island of Goth in Australia.
According to him, he came to visit Kingu Kai – his acquaintance and the owner of the island, who has a terrier and crocodile named Casey, who lives in the river.
When the owner of the island went out with a dog for a walk, he called the crocodile by name. Casey crawled out to meet them and ate a live chicken.
According to the author of the video, after that the dog probably thought that its owner is in danger, and attacked the reptile, biting her by the tail. The crocodile was frightened and crawled back into the pond.

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