Snowfall in the Czech Republic: there are dead and injured

Snowfall in the Czech Republic: there are dead and injured
On Tuesday, January 16, ten people were injured in the south of the Czech Republic as a result of a traffic accident involving more than 30 vehicles. It all happened because of a heavy snowfall on the highway Prague-Brno. According to local media, all victims – minor injuries.
Because of the accident, the route to the site north of Yilgava was blocked. Now the snow-removing machines are cleaning it.
On January 16, more than 100 accidents occurred throughout the territory of the Czech Republic due to heavy snow and wind. Over the past 10 years, this accident has become one of the largest in the republic.
Also on Tuesday in the northeast of the Czech Republic, three people received a heart attack while clearing the territory of the snow, two of them later died.
As the representative of the ambulance service of the Hradec Králové Region, Ivo Novak, explained, many people began to clean the plots around their homes without calculating their own capabilities. This is especially true for people with chronic heart disease. As a result, three elderly people received a heart attack. In one of them, the doctors were able to establish cordial activity, while the other two could not be helped.

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