Secrets of the “Black Beard”

Secrets of the “Black Beard”
The name “Blackbeard” became a household word in the beginning of the XVIII century. According to the research of American scientists, he kept people in fear from the Caribbean to Virginia with the help of unusual weapons.
Such conclusions were made by researchers under the direction of Mark Wild-Ramzing of the Department of Culture from North Carolina, as a result of studying the remains of the famous ship “The Revenge of Queen Anne” – the main ship of the Blackbeard fleet.
Black Beard or Edward Teach is a native of Bristol. He commanded four ships with three hundred sailors on board. His thick black hair on his head and face injected people into fear during the day, and at night he wove flaming wicks in his hair, due to which he gave himself a demonic appearance.
Around the ship, the scavengers found three incomprehensible clumps of lead, glass and nails, which, presumably, were laid in cannon.
According to Mark Wild-Ramzing, Blackbeard tried to frighten the enemy with his power, so he used such strange weapons. Also, during the search of the ship, twenty-four guns were found, five of them were cleaned, and one had bolts, almost 30 cm long, in front of the core.
However, in the arsenal of the pirate were not only strange guns, he used self-made grenades, which “threw” the enemy, approaching his ship. Grenades of the sea wolf contained: nails, glass, gunpowder and shot. Such a mixture was poured into bottles with a wick, which was set on fire.
Edrien Mayor, a historian at Stanford University, says that Blackbeard’s inventions are far from new. Such weapons are described in various books of antiquity, for example, in the Indian treatise “Arthashastra” of Cautilia IV century BC. e. Also, the inhabitants of Tire, during the conquest of Alexander the Great, heated the sand in the shields and sent it to the enemies’ heads. His contribution to the invention of Black Beard and introduced the famous Da Vinci, but he suggested instead of bottles to use soft skin, and in the role of striking elements had to come out sharp spikes and iron balls.
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