Scientists want to find out if space dust is dangerous for humans

Scientists want to find out if space dust is dangerous for humans
Scientists of the Russian NGO “Typhoon” proposed to investigate cosmic dust for the presence of harmful microorganisms for human health, as well as the effect of dust on space technology using orbital “traps”, follows from a report that scientists will present at the “Royal Readings”.
“The analysis of samples of cosmic dust by various modern methods in the laboratory will allow us to assess their danger.The assessment of the hazard of the samples will be based on the ratio of identified and unidentified microorganisms, which is also extremely important for ensuring microbiological safety of manned flights and human habitat,” the thesis says, published on the official website of “Readings”.
The space dust research program, according to the document, will consist of three stages. On the first of them, with the help of an experimental meteorological rocket, it is proposed to place instruments on the orbits of 100, 200 and 300 kilometers in height to assess the properties of near-Earth space that affect the propagation of cosmic dust.
At the second stage, with the help of the data obtained, it is planned to “design devices (traps) capable of operating under different environmental conditions, for sorption of particles of cosmic dust by various physical principles (active or passive methods).” The third stage is the development of safe delivery of “traps” to the Earth and to the laboratory, the authors of the report note.
“The results of the research will serve as initial data for determining the appearance of the system of quarantine measures to ensure the earth’s health,” scientists added.

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