Russian Kirov Tractor in action!

Russian Kirov Tractor in action!
With a powerful tractor to 700 Kirovets can overcome water obstacles.

A Russian tractor driver refuses to give up after his vehicle gets stuck in a river.

There wasn’t a description on this video, but here is the YouTube description from the same video loaded by someone else.
It was originally loaded in Dec. of 2011 but the version we found was from last month.  Here’s the description:
“Heavy Tractor – Kirovets K700 Russian Tractor
This is a old big tractor from soviet union. It have been so long time when I saw such one last time… Weight 11800Kg, 28.1-26 tires, 16 speeds forward, 8 backward, Max speed is about 32Kmh… V8 147,2Kw turbo diesel.. It was the biggest tractor, used for farming, in soviet union.
Kirov Works will present new Kirovets brand tractors at the Russian Field Day 2008
On July 3 through 7 2008 in Belgorod Oblast a demo exhibition Russian Field Day 2008 is due to take place where ZAO Peterburg Tractor Work, a subsidiary of OAO Kirov Works, will for the first time introduce 4 new models of Kirovets tractors: K 9360, K 9400, K 9430 and K 9450 all parts of the K 9000 series.
The new line of tractor models is described by improved technical, economic and operational characteristics, extensive use of foreign components and extended basic list of components.
The Series Ê 9000 Kirovets tractors are equipped with Mercedes-Benz OM 4457 LA diesel engines with a power range from 265 kWt to 335 kWt (350-450 hp). The fuel tank volume is circa 960 liters.
The hydromechanical gearbox of the K 9360, K 9400 and K 9430 tractors provides for shifting gears without affecting the engine’s power. The K 9450 model is equipped with a US-made Twin Disc transmission. The hydraulic system of these vehicles is equipped with a pump having a capacity of 190 l/min at 1800 rpm of the engine and 5 pairs of working hydraulic outputs; it has a free flush option and drainage into the water tank from the hydro engine of the trailed implement. Three-point suspension has a VOM and pendulum trailer device. Also, series K 9000 tractors are supplied with good cross-country capability. Deluxe cabin is equipped with air conditioner with a climate control function, GPS system and a video camera for viewing the trailer implement.
By a set of its parameters and the price — consumer properties — productivity ratio the new Kirovets tractors can successfully compete with best foreign counterparts.
The demo exhibition Russian Filed Day 2008 will take July 3 through 7 in the Borisovo rayon of Belgorod Oblast, 55 kilometers away from Belgorod city, in the fields of Borisovo Grain Company LLC that occupy a square area of over 120 hectars.”
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