On Japan, heavy snowfalls struck

On Japan, heavy snowfalls struck
In the Japanese prefectures of Tokyo, Chiba, Saitama and Kanagawa more than 250 people were injured as a result of snowfalls, at least one more person was killed. Such data is reported by fire services.

So, in Chiba Prefecture the car was stuck at the crossing because of the snow. The driver came out to push her or clear the path from the snow, and was shot down to death by an electric train.
In Tokyo over night, the height of the snow cover was 23 centimeters. The last time such a snowfall in the Japanese capital was observed four years ago.
By evening in Tokyo, there were serious violations in the work of transport. Several hundred people did not have time to transfer to the last train because of the lag in the movement of the trains. Railway company Japan Railways East had to provide passengers with a train as a place to stay overnight.
At Tokyo Haneda Airport and Narita Airport in Chiba Prefecture near Tokyo, 337 flights were canceled. Only in Narita 9 thousand passengers spent the night in the lobby of the airport. Representatives of the airlines carried out the delivery of food and blankets.
A few dozen cars stopped in the Yamanote tunnel in Tokyo. The drivers had to leave their cars for a while and evacuate through the emergency exits.
By the morning of Tuesday, January 23, the snowfall has ended, however, disruptions in the work of transport are continuing. In some schools, because of this, the first lessons were canceled.

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