NASA showed how a black hole tears apart a star

NASA showed how a black hole tears apart a star
NASA created an animation based on observations of a supermassive black hole located in the galaxy for 290 million light years from Earth.
“The black hole tears the star and starts absorbing the material very quickly, but the story does not end there,” says Jelle Kaastra, co-author of the study. – “A black hole can not cope with the entire volume of material and a part lets out.”
The material is the most radiant cloud in the video. The researchers found that some of the remains of the star move from the black hole, like the wind. Unfortunately for these gas residues, they do not move fast enough to escape.
Events like this, when a star interacts with a black hole, are called “destruction under the influence of tide-generating forces,” and in the course of them X-rays arise that scientists can observe for years. Astronomers have already documented similar phenomena, but they are still only elucidating the details of the mechanics of how these phenomena are formed. This will help us better understand how black holes work.

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