Mistakes of disruptions and anomalies of Time

Mistakes of disruptions and anomalies of Time
One of our most common misconceptions about Time is: Time is always everywhere. But this is not so. There is a relationship between the change in the normal course of Time and the “vicious, enchanted” places.

The most accurate clock “lies” in the area of ​​the fall of the Tunguska “meteorite”, on the ground of UFO landings, in various “triangles”, in nuclear test sites, near the Chernobyl nuclear power plant. Most often, the clock is late in these places for fractions of a second per hour, but after not fully understood patterns at certain times, the phenomenon of “disruption of time” (like the release of accumulated energy) can occur. And then…
For many years now, this is either a bike or the truth: The airliner with 127 passengers on board for Miami airport disappeared from the radar screens for 10 minutes. Then, having emerged “nowhere”, the plane returned from non-existence the crew and passengers with 10 minutes delayed for 10 minutes.
Also suddenly, in 1982, all the watches on board one of the Black Sea ships stopped. In the same area of ​​Tsemesskaya Bay, so unexpectedly for all, there was not enough time for everyone to save the steamer “Nakhimov” (not the only ship sunk in this area).
The phenomenon of disruption of time can also be induced artificially, for example, by means of a nuclear explosion. In Semipalatinsk, SA Alekseenko and two other military specialists were at the head of the well when an explosion burst directly beneath them at a depth of 3 km:
“Something raised me, the people in front of me were suddenly below and somehow diminished. I ceased to feel the ground under me, it seemed, the whole globe disappeared … Then I heard a heavy, heavy sigh from somewhere below, after which I found myself at the bottom of a deep ravine – Ivanov disappeared from sight, and Konstantin Mikhailovich was on the edge of a cliff, – I saw it as it were through a huge lens magnified several times!
Then the wave subsided, we all again stood on a flat surface, which shook like a kissel … Then, as if the door to another world was suddenly slammed, the tremor stopped, and the earth’s solid again froze, giving me a sense of real gravity … ”
In the XVIII century in Sicily, in the town of Tacon, lived a respected craftsman Alberto Gordoni. May 3, 1753, the artisan walked along the courtyard of the castle and suddenly disappeared on a flat spot, “evaporated” in front of his wife, Count Zanetti and many other tribesmen. The amazed people dug up everything around, but did not find any deepening, where one could fail.
Exactly 22 years later Gordoni appeared again, appeared in the same place from where he disappeared – in the courtyard of the estate. Alberto himself claimed that he did not disappear anywhere, so he was put in a house for the insane, where only seven years later a doctor, Mario’s father, spoke to him for the first time. The artisan still had a feeling that very little time had passed between his “disappearance” and “return”.
Then, 29 years ago, Alberto suddenly got into a tunnel and went out to the “white and obscure” light. There were no objects, only fancy adaptations. Alberto saw something resembling a small canvas, all in sprockets and dots, each pulsating in its own way.
There was one oblong creature with long hair that said that it had collapsed into the “crack” of Time and Space and it was very difficult to get it back. While Alberto was waiting for his return – and he was hotly asked to bring him back – the “woman” told him about “holes that open in the dark, about certain white drops and thoughts that move at the speed of light (!), About souls without flesh and bodies without a soul, about flying cities, in which the inhabitants are eternally young. ”
The doctor was sure that the artisan does not lie, and therefore went with him to Takon. Alberto took a step and … disappeared again, now forever! Father Mario, overshadowed himself with a cross, ordered to protect this place with a wall, calling it a trap of the Devil.
Where did such “enchanted places” come from on our planet? After all, this is contrary to another myth, invented by ourselves, – Time does not affect any natural phenomena. It turned out that Time is slowing not only near massive cosmic bodies and when moving with a near-light speed, numerous experiments have also confirmed the relationship between the speed of rotation of bodies and the change of Time near them (near the center of rotation the clock is lagging behind, on the periphery – they are rushing).
Almost all places with anomalous flow of time on our planet are located exactly where there are currents of large masses of water along the circumference. This is the giant (up to hundreds of kilometers) whirlpools in Bermuda, and the turns of sea and treacherous underground currents, the bends of rivers. For example, the high-energy fields existing at the Zhigulevsky bend of the Volga have long been famous for their strange mirages and flights in this area of ​​a large number of UFOs.
The air whirlwinds (tornadoes, tornadoes) produce a slightly smaller effect, but they also bear the whole “bouquet” of phenomena associated with the change of Time: the lag of the watch, the change in the weight of objects, the appearance after the impact of the vortex in people of unusual extrasensory abilities. A typical example is the famous Bulgarian woman Vanga, who after the flight inside the tornado became blind, but received in return the gift of foresight and the opportunity to talk with the souls of the dead.
Once in Georgia (1984), they checked the correctness of the course of all the unspoiled hours in the homes destroyed by the recent tornado. Did not find a single whole or a right-going alarm clock, and in one yard from under the wreckage they removed an electronic alarm clock, hurrying for 8 minutes. It is a pity that the tornadoes “do not agree” to conduct a more qualitative experiment.
Fame occurred during the war with the crew of the bomber, who was returning under very heavy clouds to his front-line airfield. For half an hour, since the last verification of the location, this aircraft somehow overcame the “extra” one and a half thousand kilometers and emerged from the “strange cloud” as much beyond the Urals!
The airplane of Sir Victor Guddard in 1934 also fell into a severe storm, and what happened to him can not be called a “miracle.” All around were dense, dark clouds, and suddenly the pilot saw a patch of land illuminated by the sun. Sir Gudzard considered the airfield, filled with a very bright blinding light, strange hangars and yellow planes beside them. Nothing like this was in Scotland, Guddard knew for sure! It was impossible to sit down, the plane again got into some strange cloud.
Four years later, he nevertheless got to this airfield, where he had just begun to paint planes in yellow. According to Guddard, who later became a marshal of aviation, he really somehow saw the future of this airfield, as if illuminated by powerful lamps.
Incredible effects arise in a rotating charged plasma, a miracle is known as a ball lightning. Spouses Artemovs from Vladivostok so described in the addressed “Phenomenon” commission their letter with this “guest from another Time”:
“In 1990, a ball lightning flew into our window. She did no harm, bursting somehow silently. The shock we experienced a little later, when the TV program began to broadcast the program “Time”, although all the hours in the apartment showed still “without fifteen-nine.” Probably, it is still possible to explain why the electronic alarm clock went off. But the wrist mechanical watches, and even the cuckoo clocks, have strangely lagged behind at the same time … ”
What do we still know about Time? That it is constant and continuous? But a vivid example of discreteness (i.e., intermittence) Time is shown to us by many cosmic objects, including the strangest of them – pulsars.
By the way, these cosmic bodies correspond to many signs of artificiality: small dimensions (about a kilometer), high velocities (up to 500 km / s), high stability, in addition, pulsars often “line up” in space with clear lines in the form of geometric figures, calculations of the candidate of geological and mineralogical sciences VB Neumann, pulsars – not balls, they have the form of disks or cylinders).
The archives of ufology recorded many cases of mysterious phenomena occurring with incomprehensible periodicity. More than once in a variety of places we noticed a strange pattern – the appearance of a UFO in the sky exactly one day, a week or a year after its previous visit: in February 1913 over Toronto (Canada); in 1950 over Farmington (New Mexico); in 1950 on the Kolyma; in September 1972 in the city of Tari (Australia); in 1977 in New Guinea; in 1977 in the province of Huesca (Spain); in December 1978 in Olonets (Karelia); in 1982-1983 over Zhirnovsky (Volgograd region); in 1985 over Batumi; in 1987 near the Old Poltavka (Volgograd region).
No less amazing events can rightly be called cases of people moving in Time (including the whole – the number of days in the future or the past).
In one of the regimental archives of the old Russian army, a documentary investigation was kept, sealed with the signatures of all the regimental officers and members of the extraordinary commission:
“A regimental commander was expected to arrive in the regiment. One evening they saw that the apartment prepared for him was lit. When everyone gathered in the hall, the commander left the office, talked to the officers and made some orders. The next day in the morning they let me know again about the arrival of the commander. Surprised officers again gathered in the hall.
Again the commander left the door, said the same thing as on the eve, gave the same orders and, continuing the conversation, went to the office. Approaching the door, he shuddered and asked: “Do you see?” When everyone approached, they saw: at the desk sat another regiment commander – his double. The real commander approached his double, and when the latter instantly disappeared, he fell dead on the floor. ”
Similar meetings of “themselves” were with Vyazemsky in St. Petersburg (he found himself sitting at the writing of the letter) and at the Empress Anna Ioannovna in 1740, 3 days before his death (the guards almost opened fire on the pseudo-holder by order).
The transfer of people (or their souls, phantoms) in Time, in which the traveler does not meet with his counterpart in the past and the future, ends, fortunately, without tragic consequences. During Mark Twain’s trip to Canada, in Montreal a dinner was given in his honor, among those present he noticed next to Mrs. R. In the evening, he was told that some lady wanted to see him. In the visitor he recognized Mrs. R., who looked and dressed just like the day before. But R. was extremely surprised by Twain’s story – she arrived in Montreal from Quebec just now!
Similar stories occurred with the Irish poet Its; the abbot of the monastery of Alfonso de Ligoro in 1744; the English poet Byron in Greece in 1810.
Will you object to the next “law”: Time flows only in one direction (the principle of “time arrow”)! There is not a single law forbidding Time to go “reversed”, all physical formulas are valid for Time, flowing in any direction!
But how to detect such “wrong” phenomena, because to distinguish them from “normal” is sometimes not very simple? It is possible that you will not have to specially search for it and will not have to, it will be enough to conduct a mental experiment: to unfold the time in descriptions of already known mysterious and unsolved events and see if they will become more understandable.
The experiments of Professor N. Kozyrev, in which he measured the speed of radiation coming from bright stars, put many simply at a dead end. The results of the experiment were unexpected, even for the Pulkovo professor of astronomy himself, whether it is necessary to say that he was soon simply accused of unclean experiments.
Let me briefly recall the essence of the experiment: a telescope was aimed at a star (Sirius), in the focus of which was a radiation recorder (for example, a quartz oscillator). Result: the sensor fixed the radiation coming from the points: where we see the star now and where it was 8 years ago (the speed of this radiation is equal to the speed of light); where it is now in reality (the radiation speed is extremely large or instantaneous); and from the point where it will be in 8 years!
The paradoxical result can be explained only if we assume that the last radiation came from a star system located in the Future! Consequently, signal movement occurred … against the usual course of Time!
In the archives of ufology, many cases of observation of UFO compounds have been noted. What it is? Imagine – two “saucers” are flying across the sky, fly up to each other and … disappear. Unclear! Very often both objects are completely or almost completely similar. As in the case of the connection of two “plates” in the Alps in 1968, where both objects with cylinders at the bottom and bars at the top were mirror-like.
How did one of the two machines get one? Has one entered the other? The paradox can be resolved if we assume that the UFO was originally only one. But we saw him twice: when he moved towards the Future, like us, and when he flew against the course of our Time. What we saw as the moment of joining two objects is in fact the moment of “turning the direction” of a UFO flight in Time.
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