Magical Drink That Eliminates Bad Cells In The Organism And Lowers Their Growth

Magical Drink That Eliminates Bad Cells In The Organism And Lowers Their Growth
You should consume it for 3 months, and your health will be better soon. The mixture of beet, carrot and apple eliminates bad cells in the organism and lowers their growth. You need to consume it for 3 months, and the health will improve immediately.
You need half or hole beet, 2 carrots and one apple for its preparation. Preparation: Slice all of the ingredients into small pieces. With the help of a juicer, squeeze the juice from the beet. Leave it alone for one hour in a glass in the refrigerator. Then in the same glass add the squeezed apple and carrot juice. Consume it 30-40 minutes before breakfast. Important: Do not mix all of the components at once.  First you prepare the beet juice ,which needs to stay in the refrigerator in an opened glassed bowl. That way you eliminate the toxic substances from the beet, which can produce nausea, vomiting and dizziness. When these substances come in reaction to oxygen – they lose all these properties and they don’t produce bad side effects.
This magical drink is very efficient in the following diseases
-Prevention of developing cancer
-Prevents the liver, kidneys, pancreas disease and helps in curing ulcer.
-It strengths the immunity, eliminates the toxins, improves the work of the intestines
-It eliminates bad breath
-Lowers the level of menstrual pain.
-Strengthens the content of the erythrocytes in the blood and lowers the cholesterol level
– Lowers the blood pressure and stabilizes the blood vessels
– Improves the tan and younger’s the skin, which makes her healthy and shiny
– Its very efficient in weight lost.

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