Mad conspiracy theories about the US, which turned out to be true

Mad conspiracy theories about the US, which turned out to be true
Conspiracy theories have always excited the imagination, as it is very interesting to imagine a group of people who are sitting in a dark room and show unprecedented wisdom without leaving their chairs; they control all events that determine the course of world history.
BUT, alas, most of the existing in the modern world conspiracy theories – this is a far-fetched nonsense, which is full of obvious holes and juggling. Although some of their theories contain more truth than most people think. And sometimes it really happened that a group of people in a dark room reflected on how to throw a veil over the eyes of the entire population to change the course of history.
The US government planned to conduct operations against its own population under a foreign flag
When people hear about conspiracy theories about the events of 9/11, the reaction of almost everyone is very similar. Most people believe that if this really happened with the participation of the government, then with so many difficulties and people involved, which are necessary to carry out such an operation, a leak of information about this would be inevitable. People are skeptical that the government might even think about such a scenario. However, despite the fact that all this seems to be a product of someone’s sick imagination, the truth is that in the past, the government of the United States has already planned such operations, and at the highest levels.
During the rule of Kennedy, the greatest threat to the United States was the Cubans, led by Fidel Castro, and some members of the government sought an excuse to start a real ground war with the Cubans. To do this, they needed to get public support, both in their country and in the world. To this end, a plan was developed in the Joint Chiefs of Staff, which was then submitted to Kennedy for consideration. In particular, the plan envisaged – in the preparation of public opinion for the start of the war – attacks on the citizens of the United States and the destruction of their property by fake “Cubans”. Kennedy was very angry and answered that this is a terrible, immoral idea and that one should abandon it and never remember it again. However, although Kennedy refused this provocation, this does not mean that there have never been presidents who could consider such an opportunity.
President Woodrow Wilson’s wife over a year of rule instead of her husband
During the reign of President Woodrow Wilson, regardless of whether he liked people or not, everyone considered him to be a very hardworking worker. He traveled the world regularly, trying to conclude political alliances that were advantageous for the United States, and he was constantly traveling throughout the country. Unfortunately, his habit of hard work ultimately ended him, and at the end of his presidency, he suffered a stroke. Many people at that time wondered why the president stopped appearing at public events and whether he had become a victim of conspirators.
In reality, the government tried so hard to hide information about the president’s stroke and general health that this was never mentioned in the press and became known only many years later. Many people suspect that at that time Wilson’s health was much worse than the government says, and that, in fact, most decisions were made by Wilson’s wife – that is, she was in some ways the first female president. Although Edith claimed that she was nothing more than a housekeeper, historians, who in the following years studied this period of history, are sure that she has been the chief leader of the whole country for more than a year. For those who still doubt its influence, we remind that it was during this period that women finally got the right to vote.
The HAARP project is not intended for climate management, but serious attempts have been made in this direction
People like to discuss the government’s scientific project HAARP, while many are convinced that it has much broader goals than it is said about it. The government claims that this is just a study of radio waves, their effects on the ionosphere and other innocuous things, which in fact are not of wide interest. And, of course, the conspiracy theorists were sure that this is absolutely wrong, and behind the project there is something much more interesting.
No doubt, all the evidence indicates that in this case the government was telling the truth, and that HAARP is nothing more than a peaceful research project that was closed when the research came to an end. However, this does not mean that attempts to control weather have never been undertaken or that the world’s governments have never attempted to conduct research in this area. We know that during the Vietnam War, the government of the United States tried to stuff clouds in South Vietnam with various substances in the hope that it would increase the amount of precipitation and complicate the military efforts of its enemies. This, of course, is not too shocking imagination, but if the government decided to continue such studies, then the technology should have improved over time.
The government of the United States in the course of testing poisoned American cities several times
Many people argue that governments secretly poison people with either chemical substances, fluorides, or other harmful substances. The facts show that most such theories are complete nonsense, but this does not mean that the US government has never poisoned its citizens. According to reports that were published years after these facts, from the 1950s to the early 1970s, the United States government conducted about 300 tests using bacterial weapons in various cities in the United States to investigate the results.
One of the most famous cases occurred in San Francisco, where the government decided to see if the fog in the spread of biological substances will help and whether the enemy will be able to carry out such an attack from the sea. Bacteria were sprayed and, according to the information received, they reached almost all areas of the city and spread so effectively that if it were harmful bacteria, the consequences would be terrible. Although the government of the United States used bacteria that they considered to be completely harmless, several people were hospitalized as a result of the experiment, and at least one person died because of this. Secret experiments in the United States contradict the Nuremberg Code, which was adopted shortly before, making experiments even more immoral and irresponsible.
In the rumors that the government is spraying chemicals from airplanes over the cities, there is some truth
 One of the most frequently repeated conspiracy theories is the assertion that the government is spraying chemicals in the upper atmosphere to do all sorts of horrible things. Some people say that these chemicals cause people to gradually become stupid, while others argue that there is a problem of overpopulation of the planet, and world governments spray in the atmosphere means that reduce the ability to reproduce. Of course, there is no evidence of this, and scientists and engineers can tell you that in the tracks left behind by airplanes, there is nothing unusual. But even if the planes and secretly sprayed chemicals, it would be impossible to prove this.
Nevertheless, although we do not know about any special efforts to poison the atmosphere, nor about plans to reduce the reproductive function of the population, the fact that governments around the world are intensively considering geotechnical solutions to change the existing climate. The fact is that if they think that they have a workable idea, they will almost certainly try to implement it, not to mention the public. Even during the reign of Lyndon Johnson, scientists proposed to solve climate problems with the help of large geo-projects, orbiting satellites, scattering of various particles in the upper atmosphere and other similar insane decisions. We know that governments have made attempts to research in the field of rain management, but we do not have any convincing evidence that the case was confined to trials alone.
The murder of Abraham Lincoln was committed not just by a crazy lone actor
 At the time of Lincoln, many people knew or suspected that many different people were involved in his murder, but today most people do not know the extent of the tragedy. Today, many people believe that the assassination of President Kennedy could not have been committed by a single person, but few people wonder whether John Wilks Booth, who shot Lincoln President, was a loner.
The truth is that it is quite difficult to kill the president, and Bout was given a lot of help. Several accomplices were involved, and all of them played a certain role. If their plans were to be fully realized, there would be terrible chaos in the highest echelons of power in the United States. The fact is that the conspiracy was quite extensive, and it involved many important members of the government. Another man was supposed to kill Vice-President Johnson, but he lost his nerve. Another tried to kill the military minister William Seward, but his attempt failed. Most likely, after the assassination of President Lincoln, Booth could not escape without help, and several more conspirators helped him.
The US government fabricated a false attack to get approval for the war in Vietnam
 Many people consider it unthinkable that the US government can lie to involve the country in the war. Some are still convinced that in the situation with Iraq, the Bush administration was just mistaken about the country’s weapons of mass destruction and Iraq’s participation in the 9/11 attacks. People simply do not want to believe that the government is able to lie to them in order to engage in a military conflict in another part of the world or to activate one that already exists. However, during the Vietnam War this happened.
Then there was an incident with an American ship called Maddox, who allegedly reported a torpedo attack from the Vietnamese, and later it became the basis for the escalation of the war in Vietnam. However, the truth is that the whole conflict was completely fabricated, from the very beginning to the very end. In fact, the Johnson administration sent Maddox to carry out secret attacks in order to provoke an enemy attack and, thus, get approval for a large-scale war. In addition, the signal about the torpedo attack was erroneous, and Maddox was soon told that it was a false alarm, but the top management still used this fact as a pretext for expanding US participation in the Vietnam war.
The US government deliberately poisoned alcohol at the time of its prohibition
 The times of the “dry law” have become one of the most unusual epochs in the history of the United States. People who were convinced that drunkenness is the worst of all vices, made every possible effort to combat popular entertainment, and in some ways they even succeeded – but not before they inflicted indescribable damage on the country with their actions. The ban on one of the most popular things that ever existed in world history was so impressive that it generated a huge number of criminal groups, some of which the state had to fight for decades. And even after the abrogation of the “dry law” formed organized groups still very long controlled the black drug market.
Of course, the government was dissatisfied with the fact that people not only openly criticized the law, but also started organizing all sorts of criminal enterprises. As a result, the government of the United States went so far as to poison alcohol, which, according to them, was supposed to enter the black market. This program of falsifying alcohol made it unsuitable for use and led to painful conditions, and sometimes to blindness. Many years passed before the government recognized its role in poisoning people who dared to drink, despite all prohibitions. Although this sounds like an absurd conspiracy from a very bad film, all this was a reality in times of “dry law” and increased the number of deaths or those who applied to hospitals.
The methods of Joseph McCarthy were wrong, but it is possible that he was not in all wrong
 According to most Americans, Joseph McCarthy was one of the most incorrect people and made a lot of political mistakes. He is famous for consistently and consistently accused a huge number of people that they are Russian spies, and passionately scolded them in the Senate. His paranoia became legendary, and his scorched earth tactics angered the whole nation, and, in the end, in 1954 the Senate condemned him.
However, although McCarthy’s methods went beyond all permissible limits, and because of him many innocent people suffered, it is possible that his paranoia was more justified than many think. History has shown that the Truman administration and the Federal Republic of Germany were indeed full of Russian spies that the Communist Party of America was funded by Moscow and that there were several high-ranking Russian agents who were caught at that time, including Julius and Ethel Rosenberg. It is possible that McCarthy was often mistaken, but his fears were not entirely groundless.
It’s possible that MLB (“Major League Baseball”) has replaced balls in the games of the World Series 2017
Baseball has always had problems with trust, not only from the broad crowds of spectators, but also among the most devoted fans. For example, it can be very interesting for specialists to look at a good pitcher game, but this seems boring to a wide audience. This means that if MLB wants to attract more viewers, there should be as many good home runs in the game as possible. It is this that stirs up passions and keeps people in the audience chairs. When the first scandal with steroids erupted, it turned out that everything went much further than anyone thought, and that MLB knew more about it than they said, but were afraid to scare off the spectators.
More recently, new suspicions have appeared. The steroid era came to an end, the pitchers came under severe control – it was necessary to do something to attract attention. The world series of 2017 set a record for the number of home runs, and the players of both teams were 100% convinced that the balls used in the game had significant differences from the usual ones. Both teams said that the balls were much smoother, and this led to more home runs. Although MLB officially denies it, one can recall that they also officially denied knowing about the problem with steroids. In addition, despite all the negations of the MLB, it’s hard to believe that both teams could have conspired.

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