Iranian city of gnomes

Iranian city of gnomes
Only a century ago, the growth of the inhabitants of the village of Mahunik did not exceed one meter. Some still believe that in this remote corner of Iran, where, besides Mahunik, there are 12 settlements, once the ancient city of dwarfs was located.
In the first part of the famous book by Jonathan Swift “Gulliver’s Travels” the ship’s doctor Lemuel Gulliver, as a result of the shipwreck, gets to Lilliputia, whose population growth hardly exceeds 15 cm.
But Lilliputia is a fantastic country that Swift has come up with to ridicule the vices of mankind. But the village of Makhunik in the Iranian province of Southern Khorasan is a reality, and it was inhabited only a century ago by people one meter tall, about 50 cm lower than the average Iranian of that time.
The village of Makhunik is about 1500 years old, it is only 75 km from the border with Afghanistan. In 2005, a mummified body 25 cm long was found in its vicinity, which further strengthened the Iranians’ belief that once there was an ancient city of dwarfs.
 And although most of the 700 inhabitants of modern Mahunika are now of normal growth, it is easy to find evidence of what their ancestors were like in the village, writes the BBC.
Of the approximately two hundred houses built from stone and clay, 70-80 are particularly low-in height from one and a half to two meters. Ceilings in the rooms – a height of 1.4 m.
The wooden door is on the south side, so that the only room in the house is protected from the piercing northern winds. The area of ​​such rooms is from 10 to 14 square meters, they have a special storage space for grain, there is a clay plate and a place for sleeping.

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