Interview with “cosmonauts of the ISS” was completed by a filter overlap filter failure

Interview with “cosmonauts of the ISS” was completed by a filter overlap filter failure
On board the International Space Station, members of the next “space expedition” of engineer Mark Vandey Hey and Scott Tingle of NASA and flight engineer Norishij Kanaya from the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) discussed the life and research conducted by them on board the space station during two interviews with them allegedly with onboard the ISS on January 3 in the live broadcast of KMSP-TV, Minneapolis and the Voice of America.
An interview that seems alive and going real-time ended in a truly epic failure. Approximately from 13.55 in the video, something happens that is very similar to a failure in the Chroma Key Layer key layer. Simply put, this filter provides placing a separate image on the background of another image and combining both images to create the effect of the presence of the first object in the entourage of the second.
Color manipulation technology is commonly used in the production of video and post-production. So if this is really a failure in the Chroma Key Layer, then it’s not a live broadcast, but post-production, moreover, if so, then we might wonder if the interview was recorded from an unknown place on Earth and edited by NASA?

If we look at a similar interview recorded in 2013, it seems that some “live” interviews really come from a place on earth, and not directly from the ISS. During this interview in 2013, Chris Cassidy accidentally acknowledges that they are being shot in the US.
After an inoffensive question from the student about his school days, Chris makes the mistake of answering the question, then realizes that he said something that he did not need to say and is confused, this can be seen on the video at 0:56, where he says, “In comparison with the United States, where we are talking to you now. ”
Chroma Key Layer or chromatic keying is a method of visual effects for compositing (overlaying) of two images or video streams based on color shades (color range).
This technique has been used in many areas to remove background from a photo or video, particularly news, movies and video games. The colors in the foreground are made transparent, allowing you to separately take a background frame or a static image that needs to be inserted into the scene.
Is the broadcast in real time with the ISS on the air really “Live” or is it a fake, and all this deprive the manipulation, forgery and editing of the video?

Accelerate the rewind of the video to 13:55, and you will see a failure in the layer of three astronauts.

Speed ​​up the rewind of the video to 00:56, and you will hear Chris Cassidy’s remarkable statement.
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