In Israel, explain the earthquake “God’s Will”

In Israel, explain the earthquake “God’s Will”
Israeli soldiers during the lecture on civil defense distributed fifth-graders booklets, which state that “all natural phenomena occur according to God’s will.”
“Even if there are data confirming the high probability of an earthquake, if the Lord does not order it, it will not happen,” the text says.
In addition, it also mentions that terrorist acts are prevented by “divine intervention”.
When representatives of the Israel Logistics Command were asked if they had not confused the booklets for religious schools with booklets for secular ones, they replied that they were intended for all educational institutions.
The first one about them on his page on Twitter was told by Chico Menas, deputy editor of the Kan television and radio network. This provoked a wave of criticism in social networks, which was reacted by Israeli Education Minister Naftali Bennett.
He noted that no one is trying to influence the religious identity of children.
According to Haaretz, many parents complain that in the past two years Bible textbooks have been increasingly appearing in school textbooks and that ceremonies that were previously held in schools under the supervision of teachers are now being organized in synagogues under the supervision of religious functionaries.

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