In England, found the oldest chalk of ocher

In England, found the oldest chalk of ocher-1
One of the oldest ocher chalk was discovered by archaeologists near Scarborough in England, the site of the University of York. A chalk was found near the lake that once existed. According to archaeologists, the age of the find can be about 10 thousand years. This is one of the oldest similar objects.

A piece of ocher has scratches. They probably scraped to get a red pigment. The length of the chalk is 22 mm, width – 7 mm. The researchers believe that the chalk could be used to color the skins of animals.
Earlier in this place, several other interesting items of the Mesolithic Age were discovered. So in 2015, an artifact resembling a pendant was found here, as well as 30 headdresses from the horns of the noble deer, which were used by shamans.
In England, found the oldest chalk of ocher-2

One end of the chalk was piled on both sides, so that it resembled a pencil. In addition to the chalk was discovered another piece of ocher, but he was more like a pebble.
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