Humpback whale rescued a diver from a tiger shark

Humpback whale rescued a diver from a tiger shark
The incident occurred near the Cook Islands in the South Pacific. Biologist Nan Hauser “talked” with the whale and did not see how the tiger shark swam to them. Noticing the predator, the whale began to protect the woman, covering it with fins. At some point, the marine mammal even raised 63-year-old Hauser to the surface of the water on his back.
According to her, such strange behavior of the whale lasted almost ten minutes. However, despite the fear of serious damage or even drowning, the woman tried not to panic.
Hauser said that in the immediate vicinity was another whale, which, as it turned out, also tried to drive the shark away from it.
Unusual behavior of marine mammals has already been explained to the woman by other divers and nearby fishermen, who told that in this way the whales guarded it from the shark, which, they said, was about three meters long.
Divers also at some point stopped filming because they “did not want to capture the death” of the ketologist.
Hauser believes that this incident is proof of the whales’ instinct to protect other living things. She also noted that the incident in the ocean with her participation may be the first recorded case of protection of human whales from sharks.

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