Created a miniature ultraviolet sensor

Created a miniature ultraviolet sensor (1)
L`Oreal company together with designer Ives Bechar presented wearable ultraviolet radiation sensor, which can be used to measure the level of exposure to sunlight. According to the developers, the sensor will reduce the risk of skin cancer. The novelty was demonstrated at the CES in Las Vegas.
No battery is required to operate the device. The prototype diameter is 9 mm, the thickness is 2 mm. The device is easily attached to the nail.
After the user has installed it, the sensor sends information to the smartphone or any other device that supports NFC technology.
Created a miniature ultraviolet sensor (2)
Thanks to the sensor, a person can know in time when to hide from the sun. The received data are saved by the application, which allows you to measure how long a person spent under the sun’s rays.

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