Anomalies of the Moon

Anomalies of the Moon (1)
For humans, the Moon has always been associated with a lifeless celestial body located next to our planet, but for scientists it remains a huge anomalous area in need of research. Recent discoveries have shown that there is an underground world with living organisms.
Today, mankind can be proud of its technologies, allowing to study space objects that can change the usual theories of astronomers. However, they can not understand the nature of the satellite’s orbit, because after studying the parameters, periodic changes in the gravity field were detected. While there is a version about the lunar core having a different rotation, as well as its boundary layer and asthenosphere have a liquid layer allowing the celestial body to move, similar to the bearing. With the help of the model, scientists have discovered such processes that heat up the interior, only new information completely contradicts the hypotheses concerning the appearance of the moon. It is not for nothing that ufologists consider it an extraterrestrial creation of aliens, where their bases are located, and from this place it is possible to control the actions of earthlings.
The mysteries of the usual night light did not end there, because when experts received samples of rocks delivered by the apparatus, they noticed the presence of water resources enclosed in the stones. The volcanic glass contained a liquid inside, so that its reserves can be found in the depths of the satellite. This discovery struck the scientific world and provided an opportunity for a hypothesis concerning the colonization of the facility and the construction of bases. However, these reserves could be on the surface in ancient times and become a source of life for many organisms. Scientists have found that 3 billion years ago the atmospheric layers of this miracle were much denser than on the Red Planet, as eloquently evidenced by basalt samples. This breed is born after eruptions of volcanoes flooding the surface with liquid lava, resulting in the creation of whole “seas”.
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After cooling, it lost many of the compounds together with water, but because of the large amount of emissions, the gas did not have time to simply fly to outer space, so that on the celestial body there were all conditions for the development of the simplest organisms in the form of bacteria. Then asteroids and volcanic explosions, along with the ground, carried them to Earth or vice versa, because the satellite was then much closer to it than it is at the moment. You can recall the story of Belyaev, when the astronauts after landing on the site found a mysterious shadow, reminiscent of the lattice. When people came closer, they saw the remains of a creature resembling a dinosaur. But how could a writer know about such things? In the 1970s, the Americans abruptly stopped continuing to fly to the moon, however, TMM staff, together with Professor Richard Hoagland, carefully studied all the pictures where there are unusual elevations. Then they were processed with the help of the program to find out the nature of rock formations, after which people were shocked by the correct forms of “lunar domes”, obviously made by artificial means. In the Ukert crater there is a sharp analog, which remained unchanged from antiquity, after which structures resembling pyramids were observed. When NASA developed its projects relating to the construction of facilities, it wanted to use steel together with quartz glass to protect it. In the late 60’s, astronauts plotted a site covered with protective panels, under which there were unusual designs of the underground city. When experts decided to ask the agency for negatives, it turned out that they simply disappeared or all important places were retouched.
When Herbert Well compared the satellite with a huge anthill, he was right. Last year a group of Japanese astronomers noticed deep underground tunnels stretching for long distances here. Then a huge hole was found on the “Marius Hills” with anomalous sections pointing to voids and dungeons. In the 90’s, scientists during the study of rocks made an amazing discovery. It turned out that they preserved living organisms that existed in such a world and never come to the surface. On our planet, too, there are nematodes along with other simple species, but similar analogues can still feel great at great depth, only new discoveries give rise to even more questions among scientists who have yet to decide in the future.
There is a hypothesis about selenites living on their land since time immemorial. They can provoke the appearance of various light effects and incomprehensible phenomena on the lunar surface, and also the activity of UFOs is associated with extraterrestrial civilization. Researchers consider the planet a giant ship

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