Ancient astronauts on bas-reliefs in the Indian temple of Heusalesvar

Ancient astronauts on bas-reliefs in the Indian temple of Heusalesvar
The Temple of Heusalesvar in Halebid has on its walls a lot of bas-reliefs and they can see a lot of strange, for example, figures of people in spacesuits and they are very similar to modern astronauts.
They put on helmets that completely cover your head, and you can see that every person puts protective gloves on their hands. Some of them have wires that go from one side of the helmet and are connected to a spherical device in the back of the helmet. If you compare this carving with modern astronauts, then the similarity will be unusual. These carvings were created at least 900 years ago, some even say that this temple was built many thousands of years ago. The question is, does this carving show astronauts, or does it represent something else?
I asked several historians and archaeologists about this thread, and they tell me that to this day no one has been able to decipher this carving. What for? The reason is that foreign invaders destroyed the top part of this thread, especially this figure, which is the main hero of this thread. If you look closely, this figure sits on the throne, and the cosmonauts lie on the floor, begging him. The elevated positions and gestures of astronauts’ hands confirm this, but while we do not identify the central figure, we can not determine what is happening.
So, let’s take a close look at this thread and see if we can find out who he is. On his shoulder we see the contour of a circular weapon, called the Chakra, which belongs to Lord Vishnu. You see a female figure sitting on her knees, and Vishnu is often portrayed with his wife Lakshmi on her knees. This is certainly Lord Vishnu, because his throne has the shape of a lotus flower, and Vishnu is God, usually depicted on lotus flowers. I wonder why no one noticed these tips to find the answer so far.
So, now that we know it’s Vishnu, let’s try to decipher who these astronauts are. In the ancient Indian texts this scene is clearly described. In war there are two groups of deities: the Virgin and the Asura. Virgo can not defeat the asuras, so they go to a planet called Visnulokha and ask Lord Visnu to help them. This thread is ideal for the script of the Deva, who asks Vishnu for help. Today, historians tell us that all these stories are just mythology – Virgos traveling to other planets thousands of years ago would not have been possible, because at that time there was no technology for space travel.
But this carving shows that this scenario actually happened: because he shows Dev as astronauts with helmets, wires and gloves, just like modern astronauts. What is even more interesting, the Virgin is carved without these cosmonaut costumes when they are on the ground. They are depicted with helmets, wires and gloves only when they traveled to another planet, called Vishnulokha. If in ancient times space travel were not possible, how can we explain to sculptors who carve virgins with a surprising resemblance to modern astronauts?

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